Kelly Hancock - CAP, CMHP, CET - I can help!
Fees for Services
  • Private: $125
  • Court Ordered: $185.00
Individual Sessions:
  • Half Hour: $55.00
  • Full Hour: $95.00
Couple Sessions:
  • Half Hour: $65.00
  • Full Hour: $115.00
Family Sessions:
  • Half Hour: $75.00
  • Full Hour: $130.00
Group Sessions:
  • One Session: $25.00-$40.00
PREPARE/ENRICH Pre-marital/Marital Counseling Program:
  • Pre-Marital PREPARE Program: $800 per couple; assessment included 
  • Married Couple ENRICH Program: $800 per couple: assessment included

*Half Hour equals 20-25 minutes of therapeutic time, and Full hour equals 45-50 minutes.
*Most major credit cards, checks and cash payments accepted.
*If financial hardship is determined, fees can be assigned by sliding scale.
About Insurance:
Submitting claims to insurance companies forces the disclosure of a mental health diagnosis which could follow you forever.
I value your privacy and prefer not to provide this information to anyone but you. If you still feel it necessary to go through your insurance, I will provide invoices of services rendered so that you may file on your own.
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